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Srikanth Reddy profiled in The University of Chicago Magazine

Srikanth Reddy, Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature, is profiled in the latest issue of The University of Chicago Magazine. The article describes the process Reddy used to write his collection of poems entitled Voyager, which will be published next year. He started with the English-language translation of the memoirs of Kurt Waldheim, an international statesman and possible accomplice to Nazi war crimes. Then he started crossing out words. He set strict rules for himself: he couldn’t add words or change their order. He had to extract his poems from the existing text. The article quotes Reddy:

“The great thing about working with a literary technique that’s extremely difficult,” Reddy says, “is that your intentions are continually thwarted. You have to surrender to the text and find meaning in what’s there. And often the meaning you find accidentally is far more interesting and beautiful than what you originally wanted.”

For more information, see the full article at The University of Chicago Magazine.

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