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Mary Elizabeth, AB’77, featured in The University of Chicago Magazine

The University of Chicago Magazine features Mary “Emme” Elizabeth, AB’77, and her work as a librettist for the children’s opera Kiravanu. The article explains:

The kiravanu are spirits of natural places, like the Grand Canyon or Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Each child playing a kiravan chooses a place she would like to learn about. […] Working with Humberstone—commissioned by Sydney’s MLC School to create an opera for grades K–6—Emme wrote Kiravanu’s libretto from her Vermont home. The story: two twins camping with their parents happen upon a meeting of the kiravanu, the council of elements (fire, earth, water, air, and wood), and the creatures (mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and birds), all troubled by the state of the natural world. With the twins’ help, the group vows to work together to save the world.

Kiravanu premiered at the Sydney Showground Amphitheatre in September. For more information, read the full article at The University of Chicago Magazine.

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