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Civic Knowledge Project Lauded for Sustainability

The Civic Knowledge Project, the community connections branch of the Division of the Humanities, is drawing notice.

The network of CKP’s newest program,  “Partnering for a Sustainable Chicago,” recently won one of the “Champions of Sustainability in Communities” awards from the Sustainable Endowments Institute. Eric Heineman, the Sustainability Council’s Project Manager, recognized the work the CKP was doing and with the help of Kathleen Fabiny, Director of Data Research in the office of the president, submitted the nomination to the Institute. Special mention was made, in the nomination, of the new network’s support for and co-sponsorship of the recent Woodlawn Youth Solutions Project, under the direction of master gardener Dorothy Pytel, a project that produced the beautifully decorated and planted containers now sited around the Woodlawn area. And the work continues. The Sustainability Partners (as it is called, for short) is in fact continuing to develop new and ongoing programs as part of Woodlawn Youth Solutions. Watch for more announcements soon!

The CKP was founded five years ago by MacArthur “genius” grant winner and former Dean of the Humanities Danielle Allen, its mission is to develop and strengthen community connections, helping to overcome the social, economic, and racial divisions among the various knowledge communities on the South Side of Chicago. The CKP provides an extraordinary array of ways for people to learn more about their city and to get involved in actively working to make it a better place, advancing the forms of civic friendship that matter most. Visit it online at

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