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DOC*U!mentary Fim Fest presents atoms, death and art

Student filmmakers will present their projects at DOC*U!mentary Film Festival. The group, guided by Judy Hoffman, Lecturer in Committee on Cinema & Media Studies and Department of Visual Arts, will be on hand for the free screenings of six short films. The Festival takes place at 6 p.m., Wednesday, June 4, at the Film Studies Center (Cobb 306).

The Films:

doc*u! mentary film fest2THE ACCELERATOR BUILDING
Filmmakers: Mahaut Champetier De Ribes, Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman, Dana Rovang
In the middle of the University of Chicago campus, there is a small, gray building in the shadow of one of the school’s largest dorms. Unnoticed and unheard of by most students, it sits in obscurity. Inside its walls runs a world of tiny and colossal scientific machines.

Filmmakers: Shantai Green, Sarra Jahedi, Helen Kendall
Chess devotees meet in Hyde park to play for hours on end. Meanwhile, the players reflect on the game and how strategies employed can be used in everyday life.

doc*u! mentary film fest4PERFUME AND FORMALDEHYDE
Filmmakers: Betsy Cass, Danielle Dai, Courtney Saladino
The Walter Sojka Funeral Home, in business for over fifty years, has been a staple in the West Town community. The film explores the shifting dynamic within the home as Walter passes the business onto his assistant Edwin Cruz.

doc*u! mentary film fest1PAINTINGS BELOW ZERO
Filmmakers: Danielle Dai, Margaret DeCelles, Gene Fojtik
This past February, the City of Chicago presented Gordon Halloran’s Paintings Below Zero, an art installation in Millennium Park. It drew tens of thousands of visitors in the midst one of Chicago’s harshest winters. This film touches on the nature of public art and documents the piece that motivated so many to brave the elements for what might be one of Chicago’s most successful exhibits ever.

Filmmakers: Nick Collias, Felipe Diaz-Arango, Lizzie Himmel
Is it a barn? Ruins from an ancient civilization? No, it’s Chicago’s most chthonian train station! Thankfully, this feature will not be presented in Smell-O-Vision.

Filmmakers: Gene Fojtik, Rebecca Roven, Chris Salata, Daniel Collins
In The Aftermath of Amadou, the tragic death of University of Chicago graduate student Amadou Cisse serves as a catalyst for the examination of the often tenuous relationship between the University and
the neighboring community of Woodlawn. The film investigates issues of social responsibility while
attempting to answer the question, “who are our neighbors?”

Reception to follow

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