June 19, Friday

Day Two: June 19, Friday

8:30-8:50 am: Sharing News

9:00 am-noon: Uchang Kim on Performative Poetics and Art

Discussant-Moderator: Young Jun Lee

9:00-10:45 am: Presentation & Discussion

11:00-noon:  Uchang Kim on Art: Close Reading

Noon-1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00-3:00 pm: Jongyon Hwang, “Colonial Re-spatialization of Kyŏng-ju: From a Confucian Local Town to an Ancient Oriental City”

Discussant-Moderator: Su Yun Kim

3:30-6:00 pm: Work in Progress

Discussant-Moderator: Youngju Ryu

3:30-5:00: pm: Presentation and Discussion

Works by Ann Choi and Nayoung Kwon

5:15-6:00 pm:  Open Discussion: Research and Teaching in North America

6:00-8:00 pm: Dinner

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