Accepted Papers

By , April 27, 2015 21:20

Jane Chandlee, RĂ©mi Eyraud and Jeffrey Heinz. Output Strictly Local Functions
Stergios Chatzikyriakidis and Zhaohui Luo. Individuation Criteria, Dot-types and Copredication: A View from Modern Type Theories
Alexander Clark. Canonical Context-Free Grammars and Strong Learning: Two Approaches
Sean Fulop and David Kephart. Topology of language classes
Thomas Graf, Brigitta Fodor, James Monette, Gianpaul Rachiele, Aunika Warren and Chong Zhang. A Refined Notion of Memory Usage for Minimalist Parsing
Philippe de Groote. Abstract Categorial Parsing as Linear Logic Programming
Adam Jardine and Jeffrey Heinz. A concatenation operation to derive autosegmental graphs
Sylvain Kahane and Nicolas Mazziotta. Syntactic polygraphs – A formalism extending both constituency and dependency
Dimitri Kartsaklis and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh. A Frobenius Model of Information Structure in Categorical Compositional Distributional Semantics
Derek Kelleher, Tim Fernando and Carl Vogel. Between the Event Calculus and Finite State Temporality (withdrawn)
Andras Kornai and Marcus Kracht. Lexical semantics and model theory: together at last?
Giorgio Magri and Rene Kager. How to choose successful losers in error-driven phonotactic learning

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