The Chicago School of Media Theory Reading Lists (v2.04)
Bernie Geoghegan, Kasia Houlihan, Dan Knox, Harper Montgomery, Chuk Moran Jenifer Schadlick, Joanna Slotkin, Laura Veit,

Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
This online journal explores contemporary debates into different types of new media and impact on the way we live.

Critical Inquiry
Critical Inquiry is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to publishing the best critical thought in the arts and humanities. Combining a commitment to rigorous scholarship with a vital concern for dialogue and debate, the journal presents articles by eminent and emerging critics, scholars, and artists on a wide variety of issues central to contemporary criticism and culture.

The international journal CTHEORY brings you cutting edge debate about the changing cultural and technological landscape.

IT and Society
A Stanford-based online journal devoted to the scientific analysis of the impact of information technology on society. It has a special emphasis on quantitative survey analysis.

NMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media and Culture
NMEDIAC seeks to provide an intellectual canvas where the cultural spaces and experiences of new media are theorized and rigorously explored within both global and local contingencies of the present and past.

Surveillance and Society
This UK-based online journal assesses the impact of surveillance technologies upon the individual and society.