Past Events

Medium Matters (2004)
The Chicago School of Media Theory is pleased to announce a special event, Medium Matters. W. J. T. Mitchell and Hans Belting, both members of our Advisory Board, will speak in dialogue about media theory. The event will take place on April 26, 2004, on the University of Chicago campus (Cochrane-Woods Art Center, Room 157, 4:30-6PM), and a reception will follow at the Smart Museum of Art.

Constru(ct)ing the Current: Theorizing Media in a New Millennium
This is a two-day symposium, which takes place at the University of Chicago on May 14-15, brings scholars together in an effort to collectively understand the social processes through which news, as a general category and set of particular cases, comes into being. Looking across media type and genre, panelists will examine how mass media construct and construe happenings as significant events, trends, and facts about the world.

Digital Arts Conference (Brown University, 2001)
This conference aims to embrace and explore cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural theory and the practices of contemporary digital arts and culture. Seeking to foster greater understanding about digital arts and culture across a wide spectrum of cultural, disciplinary, and professional practices, the conference cultivates an eclectic and collaborative forum.

“Thinking/Building/Living: The Infrastructure of Digital Design”
This conference is sponsored by the Communication Department and Department of Visual Arts at UCSD. The conference begins from the premise that digital infrastructures are thought, built, and lived, and that these processes operate as frameworks that simultaneously enable and disable creative social activity.