Performing Media


“Tarot: Mediating the Unconscious,” by Amanda Fleming and Michael Robbins

“What’s the Matter with Photography?,” by Bernie Geoghegan

“The Fortune in the Cookie,” by Mary Hall and Kirsten Rokke

“Motion Capture Technology and Virtual Dance,” by Kristan Hanson

“Animatronics Ourselves,” by Chuk Moran

“The Faces of Media,” by Karl Mueller

“Wind Chimes and the Aeolian Harp: Vibrations of the Real?” by Joanna Slotkin


Performance on the relationship between feedback loops in media systems (“interactivity”) and the “author function” in narrative traditions, by Ben Buckley.

“Sonogram as Sound-Image,” by Roberto Kutcher.

Performance on the the Bush administration’s public diplomacy efforts (and its use of media) post-9/11, by Laura Smith.