Media Theory Reading List — Chuk Moran

Hakim Bey: Immediatism; T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone; Millenium.

Jean Baudrillard: Simulacra and Simulation; In the Shadow of Silent Majorities.

William Chaloupka: Knowing Nukes.

Gilles Deleuze: Cinema 1; Cinema 2.

Donna Haraway: Modest Witness@ Second Millennium: Femaleman Meets Oncomouse: Feminism and Technoscience.

Martin Jay: Downcast Eyes.

Susanne Kappeler: The Will to Violence.

Friedrich Kittler: Gramophone, Film, Typewriter.

Alphonso Lingis: Dangerous Emotions.

Akira Lippit: Electric Animal.

Herbert Marcuse: One Dimensional Man.

W.J.T. Mitchell: “Offending Images,” in Unsettling Sensation.

Steven Shaviro: The Cinematic Body; Doom Patrols; Connected: Or What It Means To Live in the Network Society.

Slavoj Žižek: Welcome to the Desert of the Real.

Chuk Moran
University of Chicago