Nicholas Mirzoeff

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Nicholas Mirzoeff is Professor of Art and Comparative Literature at Stony Brook University, where he teaches in the Cinema and Cultural Studies Program. His work has several themes: the relationship of the body to visual media; the theorization of visual culture; and the visual culture of diaspora. These themes are all represented in his current project on the visual practice of freedom, which conceives of emancipation as a medium. Here the medium comes between the ‘free’ and the ‘unfree’, the ghost and the quick, love and guilt.

Professor Mirzoeff has held postdoctoral fellowships from UCLA, the J. Paul Getty Center for the History of Art, the Yale Center for British Art, and the Humanities Institute at SUNY Stony Brook. His publications include: Silent Poetry: Deafness, Sign and Visual Culture in Modern France (1995), Bodyscape: Art, Modernity and the Ideal Figure (1995), The Visual Culture Reader (1998, 2nd ed. 2002), An Introduction to Visual Culture (1999) Diaspora and Visual Culture: Representing Africans and Jews (2000) Watching Babylon: Global Visual Culture and the War in Iraq (2004, forthcoming).