Adam Weg


I am a third year undergraduate in the English Department. There, I study 20th Century Literature — particularly poetry — in relation to semiotics, psychoanalysis, and systems theory. I am interested in the function of ornament as an instrument of framing, in art (and media) as a whole, and, specifically, the effect of (and affective response to) redundancy (and repetition) in literature. To this end, I am studying theories of trauma and the abject, with an eye towards mapping the variously integrative and disintegrative logics of repetition with Niklas Luhmann’s theories of system memory and evolution. Suckered, perhaps, by my basic want for melodrama, I am rather zealous to link the politically efficacious with the therapeutic with the ethical, and am, for good or bad, invested in the ethics of affect.

More parochially, I love jazz and improvised music, old soul, funk, and hip-hop, and am always in interested in vernacular aesthetics — that is, how people talk about what they do. I also write poetry and short stories pretty seriously, edit and publish a magazine, Coalesce, and work as an editorial assistant for Chicago Review.


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