Digital Storytelling

Here are some links to projects from Patrick Jagoda’s Digital Storytelling class:

1. “Express” (Brigit Baker, Jennifer Dou, and David Healey):

Short Description: EXPRESS is a visual novel centered around the
Occupy protests. Play as a young, passionate protester or the older,
world-weary cop assigned to patrolling them, get into a confrontation,
make arrests or get arrested! Then play as the other character and see
how your decisions look from the other side. Are you as right-acting
as you believe yourself to be?

2. “Grunt” (Adrienne Ali, Calvin Chao, and Allison Hegel)

Access the trailer here.

3. “Revelations” (James Brooks, Maia Brown-Jackson, and Nicholas Cassleman)

4. “Pizza My Heart” (Jessica Adepoju, Nicky Dover, and Emily Figot)

6. “Collide” (Katie Gibbons, Patrick Ip, and Robert Ward)

7. “Once Again Upon a Time” (Jiyoung Kim, Sam Quinan, and Rahul Roy)