Conference Program



9:30 Coffee
10:00 Introduction William Nickell and Eugene Raikhel
10:20 Keynote Vladimir V. Kara-Murza and Dmitri Bykov in conversation with Konstantin Sonin
11:45 Lunch  
1:00 Panel 1: Susanne Wengle and Christine Evans – “Symbolic State-building in Contemporary Russia; what can the Priamaia Liniia broadcasts tell us?”

William Nickell – “Puppets”

Meghanne Barker, chair  

2:15 Break  
2:30 Panel 2: Elena Gapova – “Nation as Participation, or What post-Soviet Nations Do on the Internet”

Natalia Roudakova – “Losing Pravda: Post-Truth in Russia and Beyond”

William Nickell, chair

3:45 Break  
4:00 Panel 3: Alexander Kondakov – “Violence in the Russian Media: Publications on hate crimes against LGBT individuals in Russia”

Eliot Borenstein – “Women and Children First: Constructing the West as Gothic Nightmare”

Eugene Raikhel, chair

5:15 Conclusion
5:30 Reception