The Material and the Code consists of a screening program on Friday, February 26, and a full day of presentations on Saturday, February 27. There will also be an installation running for the duration of the symposium.

Presentations, 2/27, starting at 9am, Cobb 307.
Download the program of presentations (PDF; last updated February 8, 2010).

Screening, 2/26, 7pm, Cobb 307.
A program of short works will be screened at 7pm, in Cobb 307 in the Film Studies Center. Download the full program of screenings, installations, and ambient works (PDF; last updated February 21, 2010).

Installation: FM.3, Mark Domino, 2/26-27, Cobb 425.
FM.3 is a time-based composition in image and sound that presents a suite of algorithmic video images and statistical audio collage. FM.3 includes a coda composition, titled “The Inside.” Images and sounds that appear in FM.3 were sampled from major North American television news sources and reflect the WTC disaster and the first night of the 2003 Iraq War. Download the full FM.3 program and artist information (PDF).