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Unofficial F.A.Q.’s

There is an official FAQ page on the MAPH website. But just in case that doesn’t cover all of your questions, we have anticipated some below:

1313166894-mclovin-id“How do I get my student ID?”

Go into the Regenstein Library on 57th Street. Before you can pass through the security gates, there is a glass office to the left.  Walk into that same ID/Privileges Office, get your picture taken, get your ID within 5 minutes.

You can then decide whether to explore the stacks or soak up some sun by the lake.

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MAPH Meet Ups

Hey Guys,

Here is a list of some upcoming events, where you can meet other incoming MAPHers, see fun parts of the city, and take a break from unpacking boxes. There will be plenty of other events over the next month (orientation panels, Core lectures, etc.), but these are some of the more fun, social events that we have planned. Keep an eye on the blog for more on upcoming events soon!

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Two Dos, Two Don’ts: Ta Da

Things To Do

The Personal Edition


Last week we posted a more practical To Do List, with things like IDs and immunization forms. Hopefully we can intersperse those activities with some of the more enjoyable aspects of living in Chicago. Read below for ideas of how to spend the last couple of weeks of summer and hopefully relax a bit before we dive into Colloquium on the 14th!

1. Read about Chicago! This is a great time to find out about events here and to pick a news source for the year. Check out Chicago Reader, Time Out Chicago, or New City. There are also the long-standing Chicago newspapers, The Tribune and Sun-Times.

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One of the easiest and most reliable ways to get around Hyde Park is a bicycle. Even Chicago as a whole is pretty bike-friendly, with the beautiful path from Hyde Park up and along the lake to North Side neighborhoods like Lincoln Park. It is a beautiful ride and surprisingly fast, since there are no cars to wait or watch out for. Even just within Hyde Park, a bike can be a quick and easy way to get to campus, grab groceries, etc.


So, where are these so-called bicycles and where do I put my hands on those handle bars?

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The Transporter…. aka CTA

Chicago is a vast city with incredible neighborhoods, sites, and food. All year, we’ll encourage you to take advantage of this city and explore its many neighborhoods, from Lincoln Park to Logan Square to Chinatown (and beyond!).


Wicker Park Coffee Shop.

This post will help you navigate public transport in Chicago. Even if you have a car, public transit will help you get wherever you are going. (For those of you who already live here, feel free to post any tips or helpful info we may have missed down in the comments section). And your devoted Mentors can also offer directions, transport advice, and even correct some Google Map directions to and from Hyde Park! Feel free to email us or pop into the office for additional info.

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Campus Days 2014: A Transportation Guide *UPDATED*

Hello again, admitted students! We are looking forward to your visit next weekend.

We know that navigating a new city can be a bit baffling, especially when you are only staying for a short time. Sure, Google Maps can be your best pal in that situation, but it doesn’t always show you all of the options. Below are some of our recommendations regarding transportation. Please feel free to reach out to ma-humanities[at]uchicago[dot]edu should you have any questions!

hyde-parkFrom the Airport

  • O’Hare: The Blue Line runs straight from ORD to the Loop, where you can grab any other L train or the buses that go to Hyde Park (see below). *UPDATE*: The Blue Line will not be running between the Damen and Western stops this weekend (10 pm Friday until 4 am Monday). There will be a free shuttle taking people between these stations, but this will affect travel time. It should not be a problem for anyone heading to the airport Monday evening. 
  • Midway: The 55 bus goes straight from Midway to Hyde Park. The 55th & Ellis stop is essentially on campus, but some of you might be staying farther east, as ask your host (or Google) which stop you should use. You can also jump on the Orange Line from Midway. This will take you to the Loop, where you can grab a train to another neighborhood if you are staying/hanging out outside of Hyde Park. Continue reading

Escape from H.P. (A How To)

So, a couple of weeks ago we suggested that you visit other Chicago neighborhoods before Colloquium starts on September 15.  If you’ve since arrived, you may now be wondering what the best way to physically get to those neighborhoods may be. We assume that most of you are all familiar with (and perhaps reliant on) Google Maps, which is obviously a great resource.  However, when heading to and from Hyde Park on the CTA, Google Maps does not always lead you down the most convenient path.   Nor does the site contain all the information that drivers need, especially in terms of parking. Hopefully this post will help fill in some of those gaps.

If you’re getting there using public transit

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Navigating the CTA: A MOVING Tale

The CTA L System

So, you’ve settled into Hyde Park. It’s quiet and luscious and quaint. You’ve already decided whether you’re Team Jimmy’s or Team Cove and have picked your favorite Z&H sandwich. Now, how the heck do you get out of here? There are a few options for traveling to and from Hyde Park, and we thought it’d be good to give you a brief rundown of how best to navigate your way to the Loop and beyond.


The CTA Buses are probably your most consistent and convenient modes of transportation to and from this lovely little Hyde Park bubble, but there are some things to know about each. If riding the bus instills a sense of terror in you (for fear that something like this might happen on your first jaunt into the Loop) see the CTA’s helpful “How-to” guide for conquering the steel beast:

6: Jackson Park Express – The 6 runs along the east side of Hyde Park, making stops along Stony Island Ave, South Hyde Park Blvd and Lake Park. It is the only bus with Hyde Park Service that runs all day and on the weekends (service generally stops around 12:30am).  The 6 runs express between 47th Street and Museum Campus, which makes it one of the fastest ways to get downtown. It makes several stops along Michigan Avenue, which gives you easy access to most L lines. Continue reading

Braving Public Transportation

With MAPH starting in a few weeks and the colloquium reading assignments just around the corner, I don’t think we’ve stressed enough how important it is to get out of Hyde Park while you still have the time to do it. Last year, my plan was to explore a different area or attraction of Chicago every weekend during the program but, even with the best intentions, it gets harder and harder to make the trek into the city once you have papers and thesis topic proposals looming over you. Needless to say, I’m now having fun, post-MAPH exploring Chicago because of my poorly executed plan. So, those of you who are here now…take advantage of this time!

A-J already posted his important annual exhortation stressing the need to get out of Hyde Park, but you still might be wondering how you actually go about doing that. There are a plethora of options to get into the city and up north from Hyde Park, but there are really only three viable ones if you want to get there within a reasonable time frame and feel safe doing it. (More on the three options after the jump…)

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Get Out of Hyde Park

Before we start recommending stuff that is beyond the confines of our beloved hamlet, perhaps a little info on how to get out of HP would be welcome.  Believe it or not, Hyde Park can get a little, well, nightmarishly claustrophobic.

Getting away to the North Side and farther afield will do wonders for your mental health.  And who knows?  You might actually meet someone not from the University of Chicago if you practice looking mysterious at the Bourgeois Pig, Art Institute, Green City Market, or Letizia Bakery every now and then.

Bear in mind, late night service to Hyde Park is limited to the Red and Green Lines (see below reasons not to take the Red and Green Lines) Other than that, you can take a cab.  If you have four people, cabs from the North Side back to the neighborhood cost around $25–roughly the same cost as public transit.  If you’re farther away in Wrigleyville or Logan Square, you’re looking at $30-$35.  Splittable, but a big time bummer if you’re on your own.  The point here: cabs with a group of fellow MAPHers are more affordable than you would expect, and definitely worth it as an alternative to the oft-scary late night El ride.

To find the easiest route use Google Transit.  CTA and Metra systems link up nicely.  But here is some info to start with:

Option 1: The Bus

During rush hours, there are several delightfully convenient ways to get up north.  The #2, 6 express, 10, and 28X all service various parts of HP.  Check out CTA’s incredibly accurate Bus Tracker, which provides useful information about where the 6 has broken down, the cause of the maintenance problem, and how many hours you’re going to have to wait for the next bus.  There’s even an iPhone ap!

Positives: Buses run often and from more places in Hyde Park than you can shake a stick at.  There is service from the Loop to HP until midnight or a little after.  As Phil likes to point out, transfers are only 25 cents once you get up north:  “You can get anywhere in the city for $5 round trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Negatives: Buses just kind of suck categorically.  Traffic can *sometimes* be miserable, especially in the afternoon when you’re trying to, totally hypothetically, get to your happy hour date at The Wit.  The express buses take longer than the train, even with clear traffic. Continue reading