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AWP Series: Ariana Nash Signing!

ariana signing

Update from AWP: MAPHer Ariana Nash signing her book of poetry, Instructions for Preparing your Skin. Ariana’s book was published in 2011 by Anhinga Press, and won the Philip Levine Prize for poetry. You can check out her book’s webpage here, where they’ve posted a few samples of her poetry. We also have a short video from Ariana’s signing: see it below!

AWP Series: Carina Schorske

Author Carina Schorske

Current MAPHer and AWPer Carina Schorske

Continuing from the last post, this year MAPH was able to send our creative writing students to the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference in Boston, MA. In return, we’ve asked them to write us each a short piece on their experience at AWP.

Today’s comes from Carina Schorske, a current student in the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities who is focusing on creative writing.



Writers love to hate AWP. I’ve heard one acclaimed poet refer to the conference as “loathsome,” another as “soul-sucking.” Several older writers advised me not to go: stay at home and write, they said. Lock the door.

But it is hard to trust Adam and Eve when they beg you not to eat the fruit. They seem so wise in their fallenness; they are like gods! And then the serpent slips a free plane ticket into your pocket.

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AWP Invasion! John Beisner on flying in to Boston

john and charlie-edit

This year, MAPH and the Graduate Student Administration got together to send our Creative Writing Option students to the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Boston from March 6-9th! The AWP conference is a major annual event in the writing world, regularly attended by upwards of 10,000 writers and writing enthusiasts. We have forced asked our attending MAPHers to write us a series of blog posts about their adventures there, which we will be uploading to the blog as they come in.

The first is from John Beisner, current MAPH student, pictured above representing the (Mid)Westside out East in Boston (that is, he’s on the left). His post on flying into Boston is after the cut. Oh, and after the impromptu mouth harp concert of course. Take it away, Charlie!

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