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Jerbs Blerg Perst!

Greetings beautiful humans!

How’s everybody?  It’s the beginning of the fifth week of the quarter, which means that out of the 32 or so academic weeks of the MAPH year, you have completed 6 of them!  That’s right, you’re racing toward the 20%-done-with-MAPH-mark!

If that doesn’t motivate you to look at your job prospects I don’t know what will.

Well good news! We have a bevy of employment-related events coming!

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What We Wish We Knew

As the quarter-proper looms, we the mentors asked ourselves, “What do we wish we knew at this time last year?”

Mainly, the answer was “What the f#$% is Hegel talking about?”


Brent:  “What memo?”


We had some useful answers:

Annie: You won’t believe how much you can learn in 9 months.

T: Sometimes you just can’t read everything.

Brent: While you read, you should think about function.  What does each part of a text do?

And some less-than-useful answers:

Annie: There are many pages on facebook where you can find memes of doggos.

T: Alien doesn’t answer all of my questions about life.

Brent: Everyone knows what they’re doing except me.

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Digital Humanities

Greetings MAPHers!

Curious about the Digital Humanities? Worried about whether MAPH has a track for you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered!


A digital humanist, obviously.

This year, The Digital Humanities track starts in Winter, and we wanted you all to come into the year well informed. One of our classmates, Matthew Aspeel, just completed the Digital Humanities track, and gave us the low-down on what it’s all about in a Q and A session with Associate Director and Interviewer Extraordinaire Maren Robinson.

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Rockefeller Chapel Tour


One thing that we forgot to add on “All the Places You’ll Go” blogpost was the Rockefeller Chapel Tour. If you haven’t gotten a chance to take a full look around campus, the Rockefeller Chapel is on the corner of Woodlawn and 59th with it’s sweeping stained glass and high ceilings. It’s literally impossible to miss it because the steeples are so high. The Chapel was completed in 1928 by John D Rockefeller as a non-denominational church, so any religions can practice there and it’s one of the largest musical instruments ever built. It also has the second largest carillon bell in the country; the largest carillon in the country is in New York. In my book, that puts the Rockefeller Chapel as a kind of historical/cultural/super cool monument on campus!

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Hello again MAPHers!

As you trickle into Chicago this month and next month, you should take the time to explore the city a bit. Life will get busy quickly once school starts, and if you don’t take the time to see the city now, while the weather’s fine and you have free time, it is distinctly possible that you will leave Chicago without ever having seen Chicago.

So check out a few of the things below so that you have some evidence of having lived here.
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