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Book It

Because it took me far too long to figure out the DL on bookstores in Hyde Park: The official bookstore for the University of Chicago is the Barnes & Noble on 58th and Ellis, but it’s not going to have most of the books you’ll need for classes, and it’s probably the weakest bookstore in Hyde Park, although it’s a one-stop wonder for UofC paraphernalia and gifts.The Seminary Co-op on 5757 S. University Avenue has one of the most impressive selections of academic, critical, and literary texts I’ve ever come across, and you can spend a day in there browsing titles. Additionally, you can become a member and save a chunk of money: buy three shares for a total of $30 and you get 10% off all your purchases, plus you can sell the shares back for exactly the same amount at the end of the year. 57th street books, a cousin of the Sem Co-op, at 57th and Kimbark, also offers a huge number of different editions in a seemingly endless basement. Powells Books at 1501 E 57th street, offers rare, used, and out-of-print books.If you’re buying books online, consider using instead of Amazon. You’ll be supporting smaller bookstores, and the prices are often ridiculously cheap– I paid $1 for a number of books for classes.