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Upcoming events at the U of C!

Check out these fascinating upcoming events!

Innovation for the 21st Century

April 15th, 4:30-6:30 PM

Charles M. Harper Center, 104

Nick Donofrio, executive vice president emeritus of innovation and technology at the IBM Corporation, will discuss the future of technological advancement.

The New Reality of Mexico-US Migration

April 15th, 7:00-9:00 PM

Harper Memorial Library, 130

A panel of commentators will discuss the complex issues surrounding Mexico-US migration.

Morality to Change the World

April 16th, 7:00-9:30 PM

Reynolds Club, Hutchinson Commons

A biologist, a communist, and a priest discuss questions of ethics and morality. There will be a question and answer session.

Laura Mulvey: The Purposes of Love

The Purposes of Love

Romance in Two British Films of the Late Silent Period

Lecture by Laura Mulvey

Introduction by Professor Miriam Hansen, Department of Cinema and Media Studies

Thursday, April 8, 2010, 4:30pm

Film Studies Center, Cobb Hall

Laura Mulvey’s lecture will draw upon two British films from the very end of the silent era to reflect on differing representations of femininity and class.   Both are about transgressive love and a modernity that enables their female protagonists to cross, if only temporarily, traditional British class boundaries. But while Hindle Wakes, set in a Northern industrial milieu and adapted from Stanley Houghton’s Ibsen inspired play, remains within a realist register, Piccadilly, scripted by Arnold Bennett and devised as a vehicle for Anna May Wong, depends on melodrama to deal with an affair that is inter-racial as well as trans-class.

Laura Mulvey is the 2010 Schaffner Visiting Professor in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago, and a celebrated scholar who has stimulated debate in academe and the art world for more than 30 years. After studying history at St. Hilda’s, Oxford University, she came to prominence in the early 1970s as a film theorist, writing for periodicals such as Spare Rib and Seven Days. Much of her early critical work investigated questions of spectatorial identification and its relationship to the male gaze, and her writings, particularly the 1975 essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, helped establish feminist film theory as a legitimate field of study.

Hyde Park Art Center

Have you been to the Hyde Park Art Center? Check it out! It is a fun, local museum with fascinating exhibits and a fantastic commitment to the community.  Some upcoming events:

Cocktails and Clay

April 9th, 2010

8PM until midnight

You get to make things out of clay, dance to live DJ music, and drink fancy cocktails all evening! Held on the second Friday of every month.

Artist Talk: Andreas Fischer

April 11th, 2010

3 PM

Here is a chance to chat with an artist in a relaxed environment.  Andreas Fischer will be talking about her images (and imaginings) of history in her exhibit Ghost Town.

For more information, go to

The Hyde Park Art Center is located at 5020 S. Cornell.

Study Breaks!

Our nature is not self-sufficient for engaging in study: our body must be healthy and we must have food and generally be cared for” (Nicomachean Ethics X 1178b 35).

It is that time of year again, time for 20 hour workdays, paper-writing stupors, and general stress all around.  May I take this moment to implore you to please please please take some breaks?  It is good for you, it will make you feel better, and it will even help you do a better job on your papers. Here are some fun ideas for short study breaks:

See full size image

1) Grab a friend and go get a croissant and a cup of coffee at Bonjour Bakery, the Medici Bakery, Z and H, or some other bakery you like. Talk about things other than your papers.  After 30 minutes, you will start to feel like a normal human being again.

2) Go for a walk.  I saw some hyacinths coming up as I walked to campus this morning! Give yourself twenty minutes and explore your neighborhood.  Walk down a street you’ve never been down before.  Head out to the lake and see if all the crazy ice has melted. Just use your common sense and don’t go anywhere dangerous.  It’s also best to bring a buddy late at  night. (I am your mother.)

3) Cook yourself something. No, really.  Cooking is creative, relaxing, and at the end you get to eat a healthful, home-cooked meal.  Visit,, or any similar site for recipe ideas.

See full size image

4) Exercise. Hit the gym, take a yoga class, go for a jog outside.  Even a 15 minute jog in the fresh air can be revitalizing.

5) It may seem counterintuitive, but have a book on hand that you can read for pleasure.  Sometimes, when you get into the study groove, it is difficult to take breaks that are completely non-academic.  Taking a few minutes to read a chapter of an old favorite can be a welcome distraction.  Books you enjoyed as a child or a young adult can be particularly good choices.

Muscari Mixture - Singing the Blues Good luck with everything! It’s just a few more days now! You can do it!

2010 Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day Parade!

Well well well! It’s week ten and Saint Patty’s is nearly upon us.  The city of Chicago will celebrate early this year with the annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place this Saturday, March 13th.  The parade will begin at 12:00 noon, and starts at the corner of Balbo and Columbus downtown.  The parade will take a northern route and will end up in front of the Buckingham Fountain. Among the entertainment will be marching bands, drummers, floats, Irish dancers, and the Parade Queen, who was elected in January.  Last but not least, you’ll see the river dyed green.  That’s right, a green river. Don’t miss it!

Special Collections!

Hey Everyone!


Do you know about Special Collections? It is the area of the Regenstein Library that holds rare books, manuscripts, documents, and archives. We have a spectacular collection here at the University of Chicago- be sure to check it out!

Here is a link to the Special Collections blog, where they let us know about all kinds of events, new acquisitions and more:

A Naked, Thinking Heart.

In honor of Cupid’s birthday:

by John Donne

LITTLE think’st thou, poor flower,
Whom I’ve watch’d six or seven days,
And seen thy birth, and seen what every hour
Gave to thy growth, thee to this height to raise,
And now dost laugh and triumph on this bough,
Little think’st thou,
That it will freeze anon, and that I shall
To-morrow find thee fallen, or not at all.

Little think’st thou, poor heart,
That labourest yet to nestle thee,
And think’st by hovering here to get a part
In a forbidden or forbidding tree,
And hopest her stiffness by long siege to bow,
Little think’st thou
That thou to-morrow, ere the sun doth wake,
Must with the sun and me a journey take.

But thou, which lovest to be
Subtle to plague thyself, wilt say,
Alas! if you must go, what’s that to me?
Here lies my business, and here I will stay
You go to friends, whose love and means present
Various content
To your eyes, ears, and taste, and every part ;
If then your body go, what need your heart?

Well then, stay here; but know,
When thou hast stay’d and done thy most,
A naked thinking heart, that makes no show,
Is to a woman but a kind of ghost.
How shall she know my heart; or having none,
Know thee for one?
Practice may make her know some other part;
But take my word, she doth not know a heart.

Meet me in London, then,
Twenty days hence, and thou shalt see
Me fresher and more fat, by being with men,
Than if I had stay’d still with her and thee.
For God’s sake, if you can, be you so too;
I will give you
There to another friend, whom we shall find
As glad to have my body as my mind.

Valentine Speed Dating!

A number of MAPHers did this last year and found it entertaining at its worst, and romantic at its best!

The Pritzker School of Medicine and The Graduate Council Present:
Speed Dating

WHO: All U of C Graduate Students!
WHEN: Saturday, February 13th, 8:30-11 pm
WHERE: Booth School of Business Room 104
WHY: *Meet people outside of your program!
*20 dates for $25
*Catered food and beverages included
(must be 21 to enter)

Buy your ticket online at or in your graduate school’s
lobby the week of February 8th.

REMEDY is a Pritzker School of Medicine organization that brings recovered
medical supplies to developing nations.

Check out for more info