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Some Great Parks in Hyde Park (None of which are called Hyde Park)

For those of you who have decamped to Hyde Park from parts far-flung, or for those of you soon to do so, or for those of you residing elsewhere in Chicago and wanting a green place near your new school in which to recreate, we present a trio of splendid parks in Hyde Park.

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Washington Park

It’s huge and great.  In fact, according to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, Washington park is the biggest park of the “four Chicago Park District parks named after persons surnamed Washington.”  It’s a good place to run, ride, walk dogs, play frisbee, and do other stuff.  Some people fish in the pond.  Washington Park is also home to the DuSable Museum of African American History (which is excellent) and a tremendous sculpture called “The Fountain of Time.”


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Identify yourself (or just get your university ID)


You can now get your university ID card! It’s easy, safe, and fun!

If you have spent any time wandering around campus, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the imposing bulk of the Regenstein Library (often referred to in the Uof C vernacular as “The Reg”).  You know, the enormous blocks of stacked concrete beside the much better looking glass spheroid building on 57th.  Appearances notwithstanding, the Regenstein Library is a wonderful place, and it is where you go to obtain your university ID card.

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Regicide in the Park!

Free Julius Caesar!

Do you enjoy dramatizations of famous assassinations? Do you like to see fine theatre performances for free?

If yes, or if you think you might enjoy sitting in a nice park while watching the violent demise of Julius Caesar transpire before your very eyes, then make your way up to Evanston one weekend in August, or early September, to see Muse of Fire Theatre Company’s production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  The political intrigue and bloodshed are being directed by MAPH alum Jemma Alix Levy.  Go see the sort of talent that comes through MAPH.

WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays –3 PM–August 4-September 9

WHERE: Ingraham Park–2100 Ridge Ave Evanston, IL (Behind the Morton Civic Center)

Price of Admission: $0, Free