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MAPH Internships (AKA your summer job)

Greetings MAPH-letes!

I know you are all working hard on your theses, but we are well into Spring Quarter now and it’s time to start thinking about your post-MAPH life. In addition to suggesting you attend this Friday’s GRADUcon and chat up some prospective employers, the MAPH office wants to make sure you know about the upcoming deadline for the Summer Internships that MAPH funds.

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Winter Wonder/Waste land


One third of your MAPH career is over, and it’s time to head off to winter “break”recycle

Do you have to work the ENTIRE break?  Of course not.  Do a good amount of research, but take some time to rest, relax, and recharge.  And reduce and reuse and recycle of course.  All the re-‘s


We of the MAPH office decided we would put together a little guide to the beautiful winter wonderland that is Chicago.  Sorry, scratch that….I meant to say the Grey wasteland that is Chicago.


Here are some things to do around the city.  If you will be in town, do as much as you can during the break.  If you will not be in town, maybe after break you can find some time to live as a human.  Whenever possible we are including FREE events, although there is lots of stuff that’s not free.

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IL Ballot Deets


No joke, the flag of Illinois was created by mashing the Japanese flag, the Mexican flag, and a Captain America ad together

Hey all.  In case you hadn’t heard, there is a Presidential election tomorrow.  If you haven’t been following it, the election is between a controversial Democratic ex-Senator and ex-Secretary of State who would be the first female President of the United States.  Her opponent is a controversial “Republican” ex-TV host, ex-failed businessman who would be the first literal-bag-of-eels President of the United States.

Anyways, the presidents are not the only ones on the ballot, and I wanted to give a quick and dirty explanation of some of the other stuff you should vote on.

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Digital Humanities

Greetings MAPHers!

Curious about the Digital Humanities? Worried about whether MAPH has a track for you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered!


A digital humanist, obviously.

This year, The Digital Humanities track starts in Winter, and we wanted you all to come into the year well informed. One of our classmates, Matthew Aspeel, just completed the Digital Humanities track, and gave us the low-down on what it’s all about in a Q and A session with Associate Director and Interviewer Extraordinaire Maren Robinson.

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