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No joke, the flag of Illinois was created by mashing the Japanese flag, the Mexican flag, and a Captain America ad together

Hey all.  In case you hadn’t heard, there is a Presidential election tomorrow.  If you haven’t been following it, the election is between a controversial Democratic ex-Senator and ex-Secretary of State who would be the first female President of the United States.  Her opponent is a controversial “Republican” ex-TV host, ex-failed businessman who would be the first literal-bag-of-eels President of the United States.

Anyways, the presidents are not the only ones on the ballot, and I wanted to give a quick and dirty explanation of some of the other stuff you should vote on.

Ballot Selfies

Sorry people.  Ballot selfies are illegal in Illinois, and one thing I know is that UChicago will not excuse absences based on getting arrested.

Senate Race

Like many of the races on the ballot in the safely blue fields (streets) of Illinois, this race is basically over.  Mark Kirk has been, for democrats, a stain on this state for the last few years.  Tammy Duckworth is practically made for political office.  See my facebook post on this.

House Race

Bobby Rush is distinguished as the only politician to have defeated Barack Obama in an election, which he did in the 2000 Democratic primary for Illinois’ 1st congressional district. A civil rights activist during the 1960s, Rush became radicalized for a period and founded the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers.  He’s been a rep for IL since 1993, and is basically crushing it.  Whether you like him or not, it would take some seriously crazy election happenings for him to be going anywhere this year.

August (O’neil) Deuser doesn’t seem like the best or worst person on the planet.  He is a body the Republicans have picked to show up on a ballot this year in an election they know he’ll lose, so don’t hate.  From his website:  “We need to clean up government spending, put term limits for all political offices in place, focus on our children’s education, get Social Security back on track for the people that pay into it, develop a health care system that is affordable to all people and better support our veterans.”

Amendment 1

This is a reasonably contentious issue, and if you are going to pay attention to one thing on this ballot that is not the presidential race, it should be this.  Basically the amendment is trying to protect the transportation fund from being pillaged by other government projects.  Ever since Rod Blagojevich got into office, it’s been traditional to loot the (large, and important) roads and bridges fund for pet projects.

You remember rod right? the 4th IL governor to serve prison time:

Well this “lock box” amendement is generally favored by democrats (with strong support from unions) and generally hated by republicans (who tend to hate union power)

Dems say that people keep raiding this money and that it needs to be protected.  Repubos say that this money should be available in case of emergencies or disasters, and that if it’s in a lock-box for transportation then it can’t be used on schools (ha.)

Personally, I will be voting Yes for the lock-box.  I suspect that in the case of a disaster, there could be an emergency override of this amendment, and I also suspect that FEMA would get involved.  As for schools and any other things that money might go towards, I don’t think we should be forced into a position where the money has to either go towards crumbling infrastructure or schools.  I think we should be sending more money to both.  That’s me though, I’m not gonna tell you how to vote (just suggest it).

IL State Comptroller


Not gonna lie, I don’t really know what this person does.  Susana Mendoza is running, she has served two terms as City Clerk and served in the house before that.  Her republican opponent, Leslie Munger, is the current Comptroller and has been since Judy Topinka died last year (RIP). Leslie is a businesswoman and was chosen by Bruce Rauner to fill the seat.  She seems to be a perfectly fine choice.  That said, I tend to support people in my party, and POC seeking elected office.


Thanks to Morgan for actually providing some legitimate reading material on why we should care about the comptroller race (and what a comptroller’s function is).  Check it out here.


City/County Measures

There are a few measures on the ballot that are mostly useless, it’s basically like a poll.  No actual implementation, so, do what you want.  Follow your heart.  That said, pay attention to County measure 1.  They are thinking of collapsing the offices of the recorder of deeds and the clerks office.

Pro argument-Saves money, both offices do the same thing for the most part.

Anti argument- Saves only a tiny fraction of the budget, something like 0.003%.  Some have argued that it’s a racist move, as the previous clerks of the recorder of deeds have been black.  The idea is that it’s taking away a route of access to the government from people who are traditionally excluded.



OK that’s all I got for you.  Sorry for the wonkish post.

Vote your brains out folks.  Have fun.


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