To Dos, To Don’ts: Ta Da

Things to Do Before MAPH:

The Practical Edition


It probably feels like there is a lot to do before MAPH starts. And, well, that is accurate. But, it is no reason to be overwhelmed or not to enjoy the end of the summer! We have created two lists, this first one is more practically-minded. (The second will be posted in a few days) Below are some things we suggest you do before Colloquium begins.

1. You’ve claimed you CNet ID and set upan address for University of Chicago. You should definitely be checking your email account for updates from us, your preceptors, and the many different organizations and departments here on campus. This is also a good time to familiarize yourself with, which gives you news about the school and also holds all of your personal, academic, and financial information.


2. Update your resume. I know you had to submit one with your application, but that was almost a year ago. You can add onto it or just make a longer, even
chaotic, version with all your work experience so that you have a full list to pull from later on. Career stuff starts very early and this is a resource you’ll draw on all three quarters.


imgres3. Register your laptop and bicycle with the University’s Police Department. It is incredibly easy, and free. We hope you’ll never need to use this service, but in case a theft does occur you’ll be glad of this proactive move.


4. If you feel like it, you can start to look at the web pages for the departments you’re interested in. You can now find courses offered this fall.

  • Disclaimer: You do not need to worry about this. Before registering, you will talk to your preceptor about classes. Class registration is not until the second week of Colloquium. Definitely don’t email professors in advance or worry about finding a thesis advisor, etc. Play it cool.


5. Get a Ventra card! We mentioned this in an earlier post, but Ventra will be a big part of your transport. The Ventra card works for buses and the subway and it is much easier, at least in my opinion, than cash. You can buy them at ‘el’ stations, some convenience stores (like CVS), and refill them online.


6. Double check that your immunization forms are in and accepted. I did not do this last year and spent a day dealing with that in the fall, in order to register for Winter Quarter. It is much easier to deal with now, without the time crunch. You can also familiarize yourself with the Health resources on campus- Health and Wellness, Student Counseling, and Student Health Service.



7. Set up a bank account. There are a couple of banks around campus and it will be handy to have a nearby, free ATM- Hyde Park is surprisingly cash-dependent.


8. Before classes begin, you’ll want to get your Student ID. This is a task you can save until Colloquium gets closer, as the ID/Privileges Office may not be ready to issue them. But, when the time comes, it is a very easy process. The ID/Privileges Office is located in the front entrance of the Regenstein Library, just left of the little gates that soon you will be swiping at with your very own Chicago ID. It will likely take 5-10 minutes, and then you can either explore the library or maybe you’ll feel so accomplished that you head over and read by the lake.


9. Look at the MAPH page and read the “Options” listing to learn about different parts of the program. This is especially helpful if you are thinking of doing creative writing, because you’ll have to submit a writing sample.

  • Disclaimer: Do not try to read CORE materials ahead of time. It just won’t help. Much better, instead, to sneak in a pleasure-read or spent that time exploring Chicago!


Also revisit old blog posts of ours! Now that you are moving or have moved, check out some of our tips and advice/plans for Hyde Park. And as always, let us know if you have any additional questions ( and

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