A Colloquium Primer

Hey Guys! It is almost exactly a month until the MAPH year begins, and we in the office are incredibly excited about it! We will continue to send you emails about meet-ups and a couple of events before Colloquium begins. But for you convenience/peace of mind/proof that this is really happening, below is a brief description of Colloquium. This is just to give you an idea of what these two weeks will look like. But please email us (lbryan@uchicago.edu and matthewcstone@uchicago.edu) if you have any questions or definitely pop into the office (Classics 117) whenever you arrive.

Brief Explanation: MAPH begins two weeks before the start of fall quarter—we lovingly call this period of time “Colloquium.” These two weeks are a mix of orientation sessions (on health and wellness, career services, etc.), social events and outings, and classwork, in both the lectures and meetings with your subgroup of MAPH, called a Precept. During Colloquium, you will have a lecture almost everyday. You will also have reading to do before Colloquium begins, but that information will come later and is not to be stressed about. There will a full Colloquium schedule posted on the MAPH website in early September.

For now, though, definitely block out Sunday, September 14th from 3-8 pm in your calendars. This day will be MAPH’s opening BBQ and film screening.

I promise we'll have vegetarian options, too!

I promise we’ll have vegetarian options, too!

This event is a MAPH tradition where the whole class attends a film screening together and then convenes on the Classics Quad to enjoy some food and meet the other incoming students. The film (which is still TBA…) will also be a part of the core class. You’ll have a few lectures over the two weeks of Colloquium on the movie and other texts, and MAPH Central is currently planning a whole host of orientation panels and other fun events to help you get settled. We will be blogging and emailing about these as the time gets closer as well!

Until then…

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