Getting a Start In…Publishing! Tuesday 4/15

Note: Be on the lookout for more “Getting a Start in…” events this quarter!


April 15, 2014 (4:30-5:30)publishing

Classics 110, refreshments served

 Despite doom and gloom rhetoric (see image) about the fate of the publishing industry, small presses, magazines, and literary organizations are thriving—and hiring—in Chicago and farther afield. Where do you start to look for publishing jobs and discern whether you are qualified? How can you build a network? And perhaps most importantly, how do you articulate the value of graduate student work to potential employers? Join us for a conversation with representatives from four great Chicago publishing institutions:

  • Poetry Magazine (Lindsay Garbutt, Assistant Editor)
  • The Independent Publishers Group (Denae Dietlein, Marketing Manager)
  • Small Presses United (Richard Williams, Manager)
  • Curbside Splendor Press (Jacob Knabb, Editor-in Chief)

REGISTER HEREWe will also discuss other on-campus and Chicago-based resources to help you kick-start your search for a career in publishing. If you have any questions or require special accommodation to attend, please contact A-J Aronstein: aj[at]uchicago[dot]edu.





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