Socializing, Fraternizing, and General Hobnobbing: Why You Should Get Involved with Social Committee

So schnazzy. This could be you, socializing away, making conversation, the usual.

So schnazzy. This could be you, socializing away, making conversation, the usual.

In the past, MAPH has put on some legendary gatherings: whether the open mic nights featuring hidden (or not-so-hidden) MAPH talents, prom in the Logan Center penthouse, trips to Second City, Top Chef social hour, or the annual Halloween party, MAPH has been rife with fantastic social events.*

The Logan Center is very tall.

The Logan Center is very tall.

Now it’s up to you, new MAPHs! All of these (and more) social events are planned by our student-run Social Committee. At least one committee member attends HDGSC (Humanities Division Graduate Student Council) to participate in the affairs of grad life more generally and to obtain funding for MAPH events. Everyone involved with social committee will have the opportunity to make the MAPH year exactly what you want it to be: envisioning a night out at CSO? want to make some pub trivia teams? already training for intramural sports? Join Social Committee and make it happen.


The closest bar to Social Hour you'll find. (ETA from Classics: 4 minutes.)

The closest bar to Social Hour you’ll find. (ETA from Classics: 4 minutes.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Want to get involved with MAPH? Like being social?

Join us Wednesday, September 18th, at 4:30pm at Jimmy’s (aka Woodlawn Tap) for our first Social Committee meeting! There you will find pitchers of beer, one of your mentors, and other motivated MAPHs to start planning an excellent year full of excellent events.




*Don’t make this a repeat of the lame year-which-shall-not-be-named in which there was no Social Committee. You can imagine the sad, sad lives of MAPHs that year, as they hid, alone, from all social encounters, doing nothing fun. That would be the worst.

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