A Beginner’s Guide to UChicago’s Campus & Its Environs

people-looking-mapHullo, MAPH ’14.  Welcome to Chicago!  We presume that most of you are here or about to be here by now, so we’ve created two Google maps that we hope you will find handy as you settle in.  On one of these you will find information about on-campus points of interest like cafes, ATMs, and, significantly, Colloquium/Core event locations. The other highlights nearby establishments that will help you to fill your pantry/belly, mail packages, and stock up on toiletries. We included captions for many of the locations that we marked to help give you a very basic sense of what to expect (or to just point out Tavi’s special Winter Quarter relationship with Noodles Etc). While neither map is in any way comprehensive when it comes to all Hyde Park has to offer, they should help get you started. (Note: Local bars made it on the maps as well!)

On CampusScreen Shot 2013-09-09 at 1.13.25 PM

Hyde Park Spots

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