Getting Your Student ID

the reg

Now that you’ve gotten your CNet ID and email all set up, the next step in official student-dom is getting your ID card. Your student ID (called a UChicago card here) gives you access to the following fabulous prizes:

  • Library access
  • riding for free on campus buses (171, 172, 173)
  • making copies in the Regenstein
  • gym access
  • and MORE

To get your card, simply go to the ID & Privileges Office on the first floor of the Regenstein Library. You will need to bring a government-issed photo ID in order to get your card (a passport or driver’s license usually).

A piece of advice, however: wait until after Labor Day to get your ID. Some students have had problems with getting their cards before the previous quarter is over. We know you’re excited to dig into that Hegel reading, but do yourself a favor and enjoy the rest of your summer outside of the library!

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