“I just started grad school! You want me to think about WHAT?!”

Get out your calendars!

That’s right folks – the first major MAPH Career event of the year is upon us. Please join us this Wednesday, November 14th in Classics 110 from 5:30 – 8:30pm for CAREER CORE’s MAPH Alumni Night. There are a ton of MAPH Career-related events this month. You should go to them. But this Wednesday’s event will be worlds of informative – it might as well be mandatory. (If it helps you to think of it that way, cool. COME. NO EXCUSES.)This event will offer you guys the unique opportunity to speak with MAPH alums about the infinitely cool and diverse things that they are doing post-graduation.

“But, Mentors! It’s Week 7! Do you know how much stuff we have to do?” Well, yes. We do. We were there! And as people who were there, we can tell you that this is one of those events that you simply should not miss. As much as it feels like you’re just starting to get your feet wet with this whole grad school thing, it’s important to remember that you guys are only here for one year. It’s important to start thinking about what comes next sooner, rather than later.

“But, Mentors! I don’t need to worry about jobs! I’m getting my PhD!” Awesome. We have a panel for that, too. And also keep in mind that you will most likely need to find a job after MAPH to, you know, pay for things while you’re waiting to apply or hear back from your next academic venture. Why not look for something that excites you – that might make you an even more well-rounded PhD candidate than you already are? Or not. 

“But, Mentors! Can you give us a list of the best reasons to attend MAPH Alumni night?” Um… sure. Glad you asked, weirdos.

1. This is a low-stress/low-impact way to start thinking about careers

Listen, no one is asking you to know right now what you want to do once this crazy year is over. That’s what events like this are for. There is a whole mess of careers out there that you probably don’t even know exist. Learn about them. Figure out what you need to do to land them.

2. Panels, GALORE!

^^ Fringe Benefits

MAPH Graduates do some seriously impressive things at seriously awesome places. We will have alumni panels for the following fields: Community Colleges, Secondary Education, Arts and Non-Profits, Corporate, Advertising/PR, Publishing/Writing/Editing and PhD Programs. 

3. You need a break from school work

Alumni night is a great way to take a break from school-work for a night and NOT  FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. Because you’re doing SOMETHING that proves to yourself that you’re invested in your own success and your own future. I mean, even if you don’t really care to think about those things right now, come anyway. You might learn something. FRINGE BENEFITS!

4. Ugh, FINE! We’ll lure you with food again.

If you’re not convinced yet, at least come because you are hungry. And hey – everyone’s gotta eat.

So, that’s pretty much it. Come get your professional on, get excited for the future to come, procrastinate and eat. If you need any more convincing, stop by MAPHCentral and we’ll set you straight.


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