If you are already in town, you should hang out with us on Thursday afternoon.

MAPH student using UChicago's Reindeer Info-Transfer System.

Your MAPH year is almost upon you. For nine months, our collective destinies will be bound up together in a whirlwind of intellectual discovery, psychological transformation, and cubes of Friday cheese. Throughout the whirlwind, your life will be lifted and eased by your friends. Start collecting them now!


To that end, the Second and Final Pre-MAPH Meet-Up is Thursday, September 6. Join us at Z&H on 57th from 2:00 – 4:00 PM.

We know that the extroverts and social butterflies among you are already working out their networking strategies and ironing their pocket squares. But for you introverts, wallflowers, and quiet types, the thought of coming to such an event fills you with social anxiety. Please find herein Three Good Reasons to come to Thursday’s meet-up.

1. Meet your mentors.

Sure, you may not know what the heck a mentor is or which way to install our batteries, but we’re more than a limitless source of hugs, high-fives, and handshakes. We’re here to help you out along the way. You know all those obsessive little worries and questions you have about the coming year? We worried about them, too! Endlessly!

Come talk to us. We will engage with each and every thing you say in a highly interactive manner. (See below.)

Mentors have been programmed to simulate a wide variety of human emotions.

2. Meet other people (who are just as nervous as you).

Really. They are. Sure, they look so cool and effortless. But we promise, everyone is nervous and a little scared. Just like you, they’re thinking, “What if I don’t make any friends? What if everyone is smarter than me? What if I find out I am not secretly a genius?” There are few things better for quickly dissipating social anxiety than realizing that most everyone else feels the same way. If someone says they aren’t nervous at all, it’s just because their batteries are in wrong.

3. Meet a sandwich.

If you remain unpersuaded, let me just say this: Z&H makes a hell of a sandwich. They have great names and come with popcorn. Even if you don’t like to eat sandwiches, they are fun to think about.

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