Identify yourself (or just get your university ID)


You can now get your university ID card! It’s easy, safe, and fun!

If you have spent any time wandering around campus, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the imposing bulk of the Regenstein Library (often referred to in the Uof C vernacular as “The Reg”).  You know, the enormous blocks of stacked concrete beside the much better looking glass spheroid building on 57th.  Appearances notwithstanding, the Regenstein Library is a wonderful place, and it is where you go to obtain your university ID card.

Just inside the main doors (and before you reach the gates through which you shall not pass without your university ID card) is the id and “privileges” office.  This office is basically a big glass box to the left of the aforementioned gates.  Enter the box and politely ask one of the helpful people there to set you up with your new id.  They will take your picture, so you might want to wear your favorite shirt.

Once you have your id card you can use it to gain access to the library, you can put money on it for printing and other debit-style transactions around campus, and you can go to the Art Institute for free (coming at a later date: more info about the myriad other Arts privileges your id confers to you).

Soon you will be card-carrying members of the UChicago community.


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