Things to do (be)for(e) Convocation

Here are several things you should do or at least be vaguely aware of in preparation of Convocation, coming up on June 9.

Buy your robe. Remember how everyone has to be dressed exactly the same  at ceremonies meant to recognize achievements of original intellectual thought? If you’ve forgotten, here is your reminder: pick up your graduation robe so you can share your achievement in the anonymity only physique-obscuring, nondescript garments can provide. You can find robes at the bookstore–not the Seminary Coop, but Barnes and Noble at Ellis and 58th, where they will likely sell teddy bears wearing scale models of the very robe you are about to buy.  Go there, make sure to ask for the Graduate Student robe and they’ll give the correct size based on your height.

Log into Cmore and make sure all your personal information is correct. What could be more embarrassing than the dean mispronouncing your name in front of an auditorium full of people? The dean mispronouncing your name because it was misspelled on your diploma! There is decidedly no way to stop the first thing from happening, but the second is entirely within your power to prevent. Make sure you check your personal information on your cmore account and proofread all the essential logistics.

Look ahead and make travel and lodging arrangements beforehand. If you have far away loved ones visiting, make sure they’ve found a place to stay (and remember, convocation is the 9th, but the parent’s reception is June 8th). Hyde park hotels get flooded and booked way ahead of time whenever there is a conference or convocation.

Grades. Here are important upcoming dates for turning in your grades, and a few other deadlines:

Raphael Torch Memorial Service Core Fellowship, due May 18.

MAPH Postgraduate Research Fellowship, due May 18.

Thesis due May 21.

Last quarter grades due on May 25.

Thesis grades due May 30.

All grades due: June 1.

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