MAPH Internships: Center for Civic Reflection

 The Center for Civic Reflection

The Center for Civic Reflection is the leading partner and resource for civic groups and organizations nationwide who seek to build reflective discussion into the way they do their work. Established at Valparaiso University in 1998, and with a Chicago office since 2008, the Center’s expansive partner list includes national service agencies (such as AmeriCorps and Campus Compact), cultural organizations (such as Illinois Humanities Council and Chicago Cultural Alliance), palliative and hospice care teams, universities and more. Among the resources that CCR offers are an extensive electronic resource library; an online forum in which facilitators share their experiences; expert training in facilita­tion; individual consultation with Center staff; and anthologies of readings that inspire rich discussion about civic engagement.

The director of CCR, Adam Davis, got his PhD, in Social Thought, from the U of C. The work that CCR does models a way for us to bring the humanities to the wider world, demonstrating the very real influence the humanities can have outside of the academy.

Intern Job Description

The MAPH intern will work on the program’s website redevelopment project, including content development for CCR Resource Library (identifying new readings, writing discussion questions and creating reflective exercises). Interns will:

  • Explore social networking possibilities  – the CCR blog, Facebook and many more;
  • Assist with fundraising research and donor identification;
  • Facilitation Trainings — marketing, outreach, logistics, working with participants;
  • Have other opportunities — to be trained in civic reflection facilitation; to develop evaluation instruments and research proposals.


Strong oral and verbal communication skills are a must, along with a robust interest in community and a good sense of humor. Good writing skills are needed and an interest in literature and/or dialogue/discussion is a plus.

Work schedule can be determined in consultation with PCR staff, though applicants should expect to work a total of 300 hours during the course of the internship. To learn more about the organization, please check out


One thought on “MAPH Internships: Center for Civic Reflection

  1. hilary

    it’s worth noting that the director of PCR, Adam Davis, has his PhD from Social Thought here –he wrote about Rousseau– and at least two MAPHers have gone on to work for PCR. This is a great opportunity to think about ways our academic work makes its way into the world — and is transformed.

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