A New Reading Project: Regenstein Graffiti



We’re going into 7th week of winter quarter. Which means that you’re probably spending a lot of time in THIS awful building, which looks like nothing else on this campus (but oddly enough, does slightly resemble THIS prison!).

Okay, those are actually both pictures of Regenstein. But, the point is, this time of year, the library starts to feel a bit like a jail.

However, the important thing to remember as you trudge into week 7 is that you’re in a building with some of the BEST and most famous graffiti in the world. So, this weekend, take a well-deserved break (right inside the very walls that have started to feel like they’re closing in on you) and wander around looking for some of these gems. Maybe make a game of it and race your fellow MAPHers to see who can find them all first. Or, team up and set up an elaborate telephone chain to report your findings to anyone who isn’t willing to sacrifice the empty study table it took them 20 minutes to find. The important thing is to make as much noise as possible without ACTUALLY getting kicked out of the library. Won’t those undergrads be oh so upset that you’re disturbing their silence (muahaha).

(See the list of photos to start your scavenger hunt…after the jump…)
























Don’t forget to report your findings to MAPHCentral. And feel free to snap a picture of any really good ones we couldn’t fit here. Maybe we’ve found a new use for the chalkboard in the Lounge…

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