Making the Most of GradUCon

You know what to do, MAPH

I’ve been hounding you all about this for two months. Friday is Game Day (and by Game Day I mean, obviously, and yes kind of lamely, GradUCon). One hundred of you (roughly) have signed up to attend the full day of professional development events, panel discussions, networking conversations, and free food eating sessions.

Now what? (What, after the jump)…

Here’s are a few tips and reminders about GradUCon:

  • Dress the part: You don’t HAVE to wear a suit, but think about this as a dress rehearsal for an interview day. If you need to, think of it as a costume party where everyone is dressed a little bit better than Dwight from The Office. Wear a blazer or a suitjacket with jeans or a nice pair of panats. Just ease into this stuff. Ladies, it’s impossible to think of the equivalent. Roughly, according to Hilary and Maren, this means “something that feels professional, but below the level of suit.” They add “we would be happy to have a very long conversation about this.” So I guess….just come by MAPHCentral
  • Come ready to ask questions: It can be hard for anyone who hasn’t “networked” before to shake hands and schmooze over wine. GradUCon, again, to the rescue. Professional panel discussions are just like class. Ask questions at the end of them. Everyone on these panels is coming to share their insights and their energy. Take advantage of positive vibes. If you want to, follow up later with panelists who have been especially useful to you
  • If you’re doing StrengthsQuest, do your homework: For those of you that signed up for the StrengthsQuest session, you’ll get a brief assignment to do. Do it. You NEED to do it to be prepared for the panel.
  • Bring a Pen and either index cards or a pad: Take notes. But more importantly, you need to have something to write your email address on. Or to record other folks’ email address.
  • Bring a copy of your resume. Write all over it: CAPS will be there to handle resume questions. Bring a copy of yours and get it workshopped. Or equally useful, write all over it.

Most importantly, don’t lose momentum. The week after GradUCon, schedule a meeting with Lesley Lundeen and with me. As Winter deepens, it’s best to keep your mind on positive, hopeful things that all come after Graduation, when the sun returns for six blessed months.

Any last minute questions, or panics, let me know. I’ll be in the office in my own monkey suit on Friday morning. Come by and shake out any unexpected nervousness.

Crush it out there. Make us proud.

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