Learn How to Write a Thesis Proposal Friday, 12:30-1:20

Our resident writing advisor Jeff McMahon will be giving a lecture on problem construction and thesis proposals this Friday, from 12:30 to 1:20 in Classics 110. Precept groups will follow at 1:30, and after that, the first of MAPH’s winter quarter social hours, with more luxurious food than usual. Remember, this quarter, social hour is not only less frequent, but it’s also earlier, moved forward to 3 o’clock since our daytime hours are stunted by winter’s dark death grasp.

So if any of you were or are still feeling confused about how to start your thesis, here is your chance to find out.

It can be easy to feel panicked and generally discombobulated when you return from a break and suddenly remember that the classes, projects, and deadlines floating around in your head are not imaginary, but real things you have to attend, write, and hand in. For this reason, the lecture will be essential, not only in instructing you how to write a thesis proposal according to contemporary critical expectations, but also as a situating tool, guiding you through one of your next tasks and generally jogging your memory regarding the rhythms of academic life.

Little to do with the topic at hand


Remember that PhD Students have years at an institution to absorb its conventions, lingo, and secret handshakes.  But as a master’s student, your faced with completing the same task in just 3 quarters. Be glad you went to the lecture.





2 thoughts on “Learn How to Write a Thesis Proposal Friday, 12:30-1:20

  1. hilary

    is the secret handshake related to winter’s dark death grip? at least, i think that’s the secret handshake i remember from when i was getting my phd …

  2. Little Finger, Professor of Political Science

    There are two possible punishments if you defend but forget all the intricate parts of the death grip: either The Wall, or The Stark Stopper…

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