Bright Lights, Big Gowns, Dapper Gentlemen

The official list of Golden Globe Nominations is out. You know what that means….the Oscars (the award ceremony we all ACTUALLY care about) are not far behind. But, since there does sometimes seem to be a correlation between who wins at the Golden Globes and who wins at the Oscars (I mean, seriously, do they have the same exact panel of judges?), you should use some of your well-earned winter break time to catch up on some of the great movies of this year.

Or, for those of you who are diligently working on your annotated bibliographies and, perhaps, don’t have time to watch every movie on the list, we’ve brought the trailers for Best Picture Nominees to you. Think of this as the sparknotes version of your Golden Globe prep.

Oh, and if you’re interested, in true nomination day fashion, the media has already decided for us who has been snubbed by this year’s list.

Happy watching!

(Watch the trailers after the jump…)

The Descendants (maybe Clooney will finally win for this one):

The Help (be a real MAPHer…read the book first):

Hugo (kid’s films don’t get nominated for best picture…but Martin Scorsese does):

Ides of March (Ryan Gosling becomes a man…and gets nominated for Best Actor):

Moneyball (Brad Pitt finally realizes he’s too old to actually play a baseball player…so he plays a coach):

War Horse (movies about horses always make me tear up):


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