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Writer, musician, filmmaker, and part-time MAPH student, Tom Silva, is currently in post-production on a feature-length film entitled Silhouettes. You can watch the trailer at the project’s kickstarter page, but here’s what Tom has to say about the film:

Silhouettes is a love story that unfolds over a series of conversations, very much in the spirit of films like Before Sunset and Lost in Translation. Working with Ecuadorean filmmaker, Gustavo Bernal, and this year’s student Academy-Award winning cinematographer, Wonjung Bae, we’ve tried to create a film that showcases Chicago, shooting in locations all over the West Loop, Lincoln Park and the West Side that don’t get seen as much in films.

What we’re trying to do in Silhouettes is consider issues of race, identity and culture in America, attempting to create some of the most fully realized South Asian characters in recent memory.  Our touchstones are films like My Beautiful Laundrette and Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureshi which don’t trap their South Asian characters within a determined space or an ethnic frame. We tried to introduce elements here of the hybrididty and liminality discussed by the potscolonial theorists. The story of a retired Indian executive and a successful Pakistani Muslim lawyer who spend a day together in Chicago, Silhouettes represents the experiences of globalized minorities who exist in the in-between spaces.

If you’re interested, visit the film’s facebook page for more information, updates, and production stills.

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