Why we LOVE Top Chef

For those of you who have never seen the show, Top Chef is a pretty epic cooking show. It has featured names like Padma Lakshmi, Anthony Bourdain, and Emeril Lagasse as judges in some of the past seasons (although, Padma’s pretty consistent…thankfully for A-J).

Padma Lakshmi

Anthony Bourdain

Emeril Lagasse







The contestants are given two challenges per show (a QuickFire Challenge and an Elimination Challenge) and are asked to follow certain requirements in order to complete them. At the end of each episode, one chef is voted off by the panel of judges, American-Idol-style.

So, in true MAPH-style, we decided that such a cut-throat, soul-sucking competition would be the perfect choice for a new Social Hour tradition. Our first one was last year and the food was…well, let’s just say we all went home stuffed and happy. Every precept group made several dishes, they all won a prize, and it was all very friendly.

This year, we’re throwing it down (Bobby Flay-style) and challenging each group to make just ONE dish that will be set against the two or three other dishes in your round (the rounds being: Appetizer, Main Dish, and Dessert). There will only be one winner per round. The winning groups will receive Medici pizza at the precept meeting of their choice. Whoa.

So, friends, while you’re all busy cooking/baking over the next 24 hours, keep these words from Nietzchse in mind: “The abdomen is the reason why man does not readily take himself to be a god.”


Maybe let’s just go with The Chairman–“LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!”

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