Do some good. Spot some wildlife.

For those of you participating in the first MAPH Service Core event in Washington Park  on Saturday, you will not only get to help keep the park nice you will get to see some of the amazing wildlife that lives in the park.

Keep your eyes peeled for the following animals:

Monk Parakeets in Hyde Park

Monk Parakeets in Hyde Park

Canada Geese "Nothing says Autumn like a nice v formation of geese honking overhead."

Green Backed Herons
Green Backed Heron
Great Blue Heron 

Marmot (note the fuzzy tail)

Great Blue Heron (yes they are really big)


American Goldfinch







Cardinal - listen for their distinctive call, "purty purty purty purty" then look for the flash of red




Mallard Ducks

More wildlife after the jump


American Opossum (The only marsupial native to North America)

Red earred sliders or any number of other slider turtles

Skunks, NPR recently ran a report on the growing skunk population in Chicago

Red Tailed Hawk

Cooper's Hawk (note the stripey tail and speckled chest)

There has been a booming rabbit population all over Chicago but they do love parks

Box turtle

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  1. marenr Post author

    Indeed Kim, they are everywhere. That is why they are the center square on Washington Park Service Core Animal Bingo cards. . .

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