Friday Events

Here’s a friendly reminder from your THREE FAITHFUL MENTORS to come to our brunch tomorrow at 10:30 AM in Classics 110 (just by MAPHCentral). We’ll be talking about academics, advising, thesis, social life, Chicago, alumni, jobs, PhD programs, classes, staff, weather, health, mental well-being, bars, beer, Bears, baseball. We’ll give out a free gift and most importantly:


After that, we’ll go over to Social Sciences 122 for “Planning Your Year.” The primary topic of discussion will be “Bringing the Humanities into the World, also commonly known as: “What comes after MAPH?” Together, these two events will help you plot the course of your academic, professional, and personal life over the coures of the next nine months and beyond.

Questions? Just ask. You know where to reach us (;;

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