Creative Writing FAQ

The submission deadline for the fall quarter creative writing courses is this Thursday (the 15th). In case you’re contemplating taking one of them, here are  answers to some common questions regarding creative writing as a MAPH student, whether you’re in the Creative Writing Option, or you’ve never taken a writing class before.

What level class should I submit work to?

Submit to any and all creative writing courses you’re interested in, available to view here.

If you’re worried you will not get into an advanced class, you can submit your same work to the intermediate class as well. Beginner classes do not require a submission, just show up and see if the instructor has room for you in their class. In every case, let the professor know you’re a MAPH student.

Will I get into the class I submit work to?

Students in the Creative Writing Option are guaranteed a spot. MAPH students NOT in the Option are given priority, but there is no guarantee. So make sure you tell them you’re in the program in the little statement of purpose box on the submission page.

Do you have to be in the Creative Writing Option or take creative writing courses in the fall to do a creative thesis?

I didn’t find out the answer to this until spring quarter last year. No. No you do not. Even if you think you might want to do a creative thesis, you’re not obligated to take creative writing courses.

Who teaches the courses?

These people.

The course descriptions should let you know who’s teaching what.

How do I submit work?

This site.

More questions? You can email me, aj, or the Creative Writing Program Coordinator is Kate Soto ( She is very knowledgeable  and incredibly helpful. Lastly, the creative writing listhost is a great way to learn about contests, readings, lectures, and journals that are accepting submissions. To get emails form the creative writing mailing list, just follow this link, sign in with your Cnet id, and hit subscribe in the left side of the page.

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