Mentor Weekly Update: Week -2

Doc. On tap this week.

Vacation’s over comrades. Pick a pump up song and get to lecture today at 1:00 PM in Social Sciences 122. It’s game time. You’ll get a Mentor Weekly Update every week. It will also be posted right here on MAPHtastic. Also, keep an eye open for an email from Ben and Whitney about Social Committee, a group dedicated to planning events and spending MAPH’s money throughout the year.

The Colloquium Syllabus will be handed out in lecture. We want to ever-so-gently remind you that the lecture and Jeff’s talk are mandatory. Lecture and Precept group are obviously required throughout the week as well. We’ll post info about precept group locations this week. Let us know if you have any questions about the readings, about your preceptor, about how Rex Grossman destroyed the Giants yesterday, or about anything else that’s keeping you up at night crying softly. (Important info about all things MAPH this week after the jump)

I) Highlighted MAPH Events you need to know about:

  • Regenstein Tour (10:45 tomorrow at Regenstein or 10:30 at MAPHCentral): An intro to UChicago Libraries and the research tools you’ll need to use them effectively. Remember that every University has its own weird systems, and the librarians provide a comprehensive overview of everything you’ll need to research effectively. You’ll also get a tour of the brand new Special Collections.
  • Visual Resources Center Tour (10:45 WEDNESDAY at Cochrane Woods or 10:30 at MAPHCentral): Really important for anyone thinking about thesis projects in art history and visual culture/media. Very useful for everyone else.
  • Art Institute of Chicago Outing (Meet at MAPH at 4:15 THURSDAY or at the Modern Wing Entrance at 5:00 PM) It’s FREE (with your UChicago ID): We’ll head up to the Art Institute, one of the greatest museums in the universe for late night hours (so until, like 8). Mentors will be on hand to guide you up there, answer questions at the museum, and direct you to some places to eat/drink afterward
  • Mentor Brunch (10:30-11:30 FRIDAY: Classics 110): Free breakfast and a question/answer session with the mentors. Learn how to win the favor of ornery Chicago professors. Learn how to stay healthyfit and emotionally well as a MAPHer. Learn about Social Life in Chicago. Ask questions. Get answers. Meet each other. Eat bagels.
  • Planning Your Year (12:00 – 1:00 FRIDAY: Social Sciences 122): We’ll talk about how to make the most of the opportunities in front of you as a UChicago student, and as a MAPHer in particular. Lesley Lundeen from Career Advising and Planning Services and Trudi Langendorf of the University of Chicago Service Center will be on hand to talk about career advising and volunteering–and how they relate to a successful MAPH year.
  • Social Hour (4:00-6:00 FRIDAY: Classics 110): Obvious

II) Miscellaneous stuff you should know about

  • At AfterMAPH, find the link to a great piece edited by MAPH alum Mike Wilson about the military career of his fellow MAPHer Nick Fox
  • Registration instructions will get to you by the end of the week. WATCH the MAPH email list for info.
  • Your preceptor will notify you about their plans for advising.

III) Teasing dogs is wrong

Please always email us (;; with any questions, requests that you have. We’re always happy to schedule appointments at MAPHCentral as well if you’d like to talk one-on-one.

Crush it.

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