Chicago Jazz Festival: Yes, it’s Free

Rock out with your oboe out.

Boy oh boy am I taking a lot of crap at MAPHCentral for my post on fancyboy restaurants. LIKE I’M THE ONLY JOE SCHMO IN THE WORLD WHO LIKES PORK SHOULDER OR TAKES THE METRA TO HYDE PARK.



But please, allow me to redeem myself, because this weekend, while you’re wearing white pants for the last time till next May (what? Is THAT just me too??), you can attend the granddaddy of all FREE Chicago events, the Chicago Jazz Festival.

Sit out in Millennium Park and say things like “Jazz has an enormously rich tradition in Chicago.” Walk around and overhear things like “That’s just the way Bird wrote it, man. That’s just the way he wrote it” (This is something I actually heard last year).

I for one am FREAKING OUT that I’m missing the 40th Anniversary concert celebrating Soul Train on Monday.

So GO, be free.


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