What the Locals Read

Read Reader.

While we trust that you’ll be checking MAPHtastic every hour on the hour for urgent updates on all things social/academic life at UChicago, in case you want to hear a different voice, here are some of the best in-town publications to check out. Allegedly people still read the Tribune and the Sun-Times.

I don’t. But if you’re looking for other things that people do still actually read, start after the jump…

  • Chicago Reader: Pound for pound, the best print publication/website for upcoming shows. Not only does the Reader (recently redesigned with a fancier packaging and paper stock…apparently they think people still read non iPad-based publications) print detailed calendars of every single concert worth attending in town, but just about every venue worth going to takes out ads ever week. Also a good place for good articles on local politics, arts, and culture.
  • Chicago Red-Eye: You have to hand it to these guys. They’re trying. Though I’ll turn to the Reader 8 times out of 10 in head to head combat with Red-Eye, the publication has recently rolled out a series of smartphone apps that simplify Chicago’s CTA bus and train trackers; lets you make personalized itineraries of bars and restaurants you want to attend; and other cool stuff. Their Twitter feed can be annoying and overwhelming, but they do provide (I think) faster local news updates than the Reader.
  • Metromix Chicago: If you’re tired of using Yelp for every single restaurant choice, Metromix offers a nice way to mix things up. I’ve found their reviews of (specifically of cheap-to-middleweight) restaurants helpful. They also have the regular fare of “top cheap eats,” “best of,” etc.
  • AV Club: You already read The Onion, and you probably already read AV Club too. But in case you don’t already, these guys provide the same kind of pop music/movies/books coverage that you’ll find elsewhere, but it tends to be sharper and funnier than other outlets. They’re based right here in Chicago in River North and their writers (Nathan Rabin, Scott Tobias, etc) are local celebs that you’ll often find at hipster panel discussions of Terrence Malick or whatever.
  • Windy City Times: The go-to publication for GLBT news, events, and commentary in town. It’s the most prominently circulated print newspaper in this circle, and though the website can be kind of a nightmare to navigate, it’s thorough.

Hands down my favorite though:

  • Time Out Chicago: The best magazine for restaurants, festivals, “Around Town” stuff and lists. Their “Critics’ Picks” section for Hotels (think about when Mommy and Daddy come to town), food, shows, etc. is spot-on. It’s the only magazine I actually subscribe to (though, granted, it was a free subscription that I got at an event that I learned about in the Reader.)

I know I’m missing a ton, but this seems like a good enough list to get you started…..

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