Get your Classical Music On.

French horns are for girls.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra is located a quick Metra ride from Hyde Park (get off at Van Buren Street) on Michigan Avenue. Supposedly Ricardo Muti, who was hired as Musical Director after epic, NFL Lockout-like negotiations last year, went on to spend nearly the entire season convalescing (17th Century Style) in the Alps for what seems to have been a mysterious illness (post-contract fatigue. See also ADAM DUNN but HOLY GOD Don’t get me started). Get student rush tickets after the jump…

Rush tickets are usually available for UChicago students. This is a great way to get $15 seats. Often, you’ll be sitting on the ceiling, holding onto the chandeliers, but I’ve gotten seats lower down before. If you’re not picky about hearing the sound perfectly, it’s a fantastic way to see a world class orchestr. Check the calendar for when, specifically, they’re available. I know that Thursdays are popular evenings to get up there.

Here is a picture of Verdi:

"What's the plural of requiem?" -Verdi

PS: If you’re already in town and jonesing for some classical music, you can catch Closing Night of the Summer Classical Music series at Millennium Park this Saturday. It’s Verdi’s Requiem, off his second album “Songs about Margherita,” which only got a 5.7 on Pitchfork in 1869.



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