“Your Picture Goes Here”: Getting Your UChicago Student ID

How do I get into the library?

The question that is, undoubtedly, constantly running through your mind as a new UChicago student. In fact, this question brings to mind some very fond memories I have of my summer before MAPH…

I moved to Chicago almost a full month before Colloquium started. I had taken some time away from academia and, consequently, had lived over a year without access to book stacks or JSTOR (gasp!). Several days after my arrival, before I even unpacked my plates, I eagerly walked the 10 blocks or so to campus, found the library on one of the helpful campus directories peppered across the quads, and ran up the awkward outside steps with delight, imagining the hours I would spend rummaging through the stacks, printing off 36-page academic articles (for only 10¢ a page), and diligently getting a head start on the reading for Core. No lie, I was psyched to get into that library.

So, imagine my frustration when I got through the front door and realized that you need an ID card to get in. Well, I didn’t have a card. I didn’t know how to get a card. And my library dreams slowly crumbled in front of my eyes. I silently cursed the little glass gates that were letting everyone but me through into the main library. I inanely did not notice the sign for the ID/Privileges Office that is literally right next to those same glass gates. And I stalked out of the Regenstein, pissed that I had come all this way for nothing and increasingly worried that it would be another month before I could gain access to this privileged space.

How does this story end? How did I come to possess, mere days after this tragic moment, a slightly awkward picture on a maroon and white UChicago ID card? The mentors, of course. Those handy-dandy mentor blog posts, one of which conveniently provided step-by-step instructions on how to get a student ID card. So, I now pass that same wisdom on to you.

A hawaiian shirt might add some real flair to your ID photo…

Go to the Regenstein Library on 57th Street. Walk in the front door. I beg you, don’t make the same mistake I did and let your white-eyed fury at the little glass gates blind you to the ID/Privileges Office that is, literally, right next to them and directly to your left from the front door. Instead, take a deep, calming breath. Comb your hair. And walk into that same ID/Privileges Office, get your picture taken, get your ID within 5 minutes and, for goodness sake, triumphantly march through those glass gates and into….well, you might not want to actually spend any beautiful sunshine months in the library since you’ll be there most of the year. So, just get your ID card, tuck it into your wallet, and go to the lake!

Or, if you do decide to go into the library, at least take a break from reading to scope out some classic UChicago student (probably undergrad) graffiti.

And, as always, stop by the MAPH Office to introduce yourself or you can most definitely e-mail us with questions!

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