GET OUT OF HYDE PARK (An annual exhortation)

This really doesn’t happen…that…often

This is a public service announcement; an advisory; an exhortation to get into the habit now if you’re already here: there is a much wider city beyond Hyde Park. And you need to see it.

So: welcome to Hyde Park!!!

Now get out of here already.

First off, everything you need to know about cabs, buses, trains, and horse/carriages to get yourself up to town is at this link. Get on public transit. Get on a bike. Walk if you have to. You can even swim. Just don’t swim if there’s a swim ban. How do you check if there’s a swim ban? Check here. (More activities after the jump):

But if there’s no swim ban, definitely Go Swim.

We run occasional features called “SooooOOOooOOOoOOO Chicago.” They’re meant to be resources for different totally cliche neighborhoods where you can have a totally cliche time. If you have any questions about a neighborhood, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve probably been there before.

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