Noir Inspiration, take 2

I know that I promised you a post about fedoras, but I’ve spent the past hour looking through a bunch of film noir trailers, and some of them are just too good to pass up.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

Double Indemnity (1944), Directed by Billy Wilder

“How could I have known that murder can sometimes smell like honeysickle?”

The Big Sleep (1946), Directed by Howard Hawks

I love that this begins at the public library with Bogart picking up “Raymond Chandler’s best seller, The Big Sleep,” which has “everything that the Falcon had and more.”






The Killers (1946), Robert Siodmak 


“Raw! Rugged! Ruthless Drama of a man who gambled his luck–his love–his life–for the treachery of a girl’s lips!”



Call Northside 777 (1948), Directed by Henry Hathaway

I like this one because it’s set in Chicago and because it has Jimmy Stewart back when he was still called James.  The trailer calls the story “one of the most unusual, but factual dramas, ever to come to public attention.”  The trailer also relentlessly admires self-sacrifice for the good of others (“the courageous woman who slaved and slaved for eleven years to prove her son’s innocence”)… making it a weird candidate for the noir genre.


Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Directed by Alexander Mackendrick

“I’d hate to take a bite of you.  You’re a cookie full or arsenic.”


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